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About UNIBOB® Brand


TM UNIBOB® was registered by Souzpack in 1999, and for 16 years has been one of the most famous and dynamically growing brands on the Russian market for packaging products.

TM UNIBOB® is represented by a wide range of products for the DIY segment. It includes products for RELOCATION, HOME REPAIR and IMPROVEMENT, HOUSE and GARDEN, INTERIOR, OFFICE and AUTO; in other words, products enjoying high demand on the Russian and CIS markets.

The value of the UNIBOB® brand is that the quality and quantity of the products match impeccably the parameters and technical characteristics specified on the packaging.

Our customers trust the UNIBOB® brand.

We give our undivided attention to customers’ expectations and requirements regarding DIY products. One of the main principles of the TM UNIBOB® brand is satisfaction of the consumer demand and fitting into the situation on the market.



Our production operations

Products manufactured by Souzpack make up the core of the TM UNIBOB® range

Our advantages:

  • Our own production facilities for manufacturing adhesive tape
  • Quality control at each stage of manufacturing
  • Strong links with our suppliers
  • Vast experience in cooperation with retail hypermarket chains
  • Thorough analysis of market trends and consumer expectations
  • Steady extension of the product and packaging line
  • Prompt response to requests of our customers and partners; mutually advantageous cooperation.

Successful cooperation with partners

We are offering the mutually beneficial partnership program:

  • The quality of TM UNIBOB® products is in strict conformity with all the specified characteristics and parameters;
  • The wide product range meets the requirements of Russian consumers;
  • Our prices are competitive;
  • We guarantee the high level of service, reliable and prompt supply.
  • If you are interested, you can display our products on your in-store equipment. We will be happy to provide you with TM UNIBOB® stands, which can be customized to match specific characteristics of your retail outlet.
  • TM UNIBOB® products are offered in individual packaging and can be placed on Euro-hooks and hanging bars.
  • For the convenience of our customers and retail partners, our products have attractively designed label containing a barcode and required information: product name, technical parameters, product description, etc.
  • We highly value our partners and are always open for cooperation. Our efforts are rewarded with trust of our customers and appreciation from consumers, which are rightfully deserved by the UNIBOB® brand.

To make the work with UNIBOB® products easier and successful we offer the following advertising products:

UNIBOB® spiral bound catalog

1. UNIBOB® spiral bound catalog

The new UNIBOB® spiral bound catalog showcases the DIY product line.
The catalog contains the list of products, their description and technical characteristics. It is convenient and easy to use; it is a great tool of presentation of the TM UNIBOB® range of products, especially during negotiations. On its back, it has a blank space for contact information or a sticker with the logo and address of your company.

Click here to download the catalog

Retail display racks

2. Retail display racks

Retail display racks are made of metal and painted in TM UNIBOB® signature color.

Racks are available in 4 basic configurations to give you a wider choice, depending on the target sales area or office.

Racks are furnished with Euro-hooks very convenient for displaying products and with shelves intended for boxes with manual fittings (TM UNIBOB® dispensers). The layout and location of hooks and shelves are adjustable.

The tray at the bottom of the rack provides a handy solution for keeping large-size products, for example, stretch film jumbo rolls.

Customized display racks can be made upon request.

Store fixtures and equipment

3. Store fixtures and equipment

The wire-grid panel and cardboard display will help you to attract attention of your customers and increase sales.

The wire-grid panel is a holder for adhesive tapes and is able to accommodate up to 20 product items.

Dimensions: 1065 mm х 45 mm х 225 mm

You can increase your sales, if you use cardboard insect screen displays, which are eye-catching, compact and innovative.

Advertising bags

4. Advertising bags

LDPE 500Х390 mm bags are available in TM UNIBOB® signature colors.
The bag has a bottom gusset and reinforced handles, adding convenience and reliability when handling large-size products.
It is convenient for advertising purposes both in corporate offices and points of sale.

T-shirts, baseball caps

5. T-shirts, baseball caps

Dear Clients!

All advertisement layouts featuring TM UNIBOB® symbols and made by you must be discussed and approved by the Marketing Department of Souzpack.

The layout draft file must be emailed and submitted for approval at: marked "To Marketing Department". Please, specify in your email any intended locations for displaying your advertising materials.