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About us

Souzpack LLC has been operating on the Russian market since 1996 and offers you its own line of branded packaging materials as well as packaging products from the world’s leading manufacturers.

In the early days, right after it had been founded, the Company made a commitment to maintain high standard of quality of its products supplied to the Russian market.

Its many years’ successful manufacturing and commercial operations helped the Company to gain and secure a leadership position among manufacturers and suppliers of packing tape.

In 2005, the Company took part in the review competitions – The Best in Russia, The Best in Moscow and The Best in the Greater Moscow Area – which were held by the Russian Foundation for Consumer Rights Protection. It was awarded the Diploma "For Active Participation in Development of the Civilized Consumer Market in Russia".

The Company’s strategy is aimed at unfaltering quality control as well as steady growth of the product output and expansion of the range of services offered to customers.

As of today, the Company’s portfolio boasts more than 350 product names of packaging products, including adhesive packing tape, double-sided adhesive tape, crepe paper (masking) tape, special-purpose tape including reinforced, aluminum, metalized, warning, and insulating tape.

The UNIBOB® - branded products supplied by the Company to the Russian and CIS markets meet the world’s highest requirements.

Special-purpose film products hold a special place in the product range; the most popular among them are: stretch film pallet wrap, PVC food grade stretch film wrap, PVC heat shrink wrap and polyolefin shrink film.

The Company offers a wide choice of protective films of the European quality standard.

Our experts are ready to give knowledgeable advice and assistance in choosing protective film with optimum quality characteristics.

In addition to the above product names, our product range includes packaging supplies and accessories, packing strapping tape.

Our Company can offer customized adhesive tape with your logo to protect your products against counterfeiting and to improve information functions of packaging.

The Company manufactures winding accessories (tubes, spools, cores) and corrugated cardboard (corrugated packaging); therefore, it can monitor the quality of tape/film from winding to packaging.

Manufacturing packaging equipment, from simple to sophisticated, intended for different purposes is a steadily growing area of our operations.

Souzpack LLC is an authorized dealer of BestPack (CBM Systems Inc.), the world’s leader in manufacturing packaging equipment, representing, promoting, selling and servicing its equipment in Russia and CIS countries