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Suppliers of products and services

Dear Suppliers!

Souzpack LLC, a dynamically growing company operating on the Russian market, is looking forward to mutually advantageous cooperation with you.

We are interested in a wide range of raw materials, products and services we can use both for our own needs and for production and trade operations; we are interested in long-term cooperation with suppliers operating in Moscow and the Moscow Region as well as in other regions of Russia.

Our work with suppliers is based on the principles of trustworthiness and rewarding relationships.

Competent employees of the Purchasing Department are always ready to discuss offers from companies supplying products and services in compliance with the standard terms and conditions MPF Souzpack LLC adheres to in its cooperation with Suppliers and in accordance with the list of products and services.

List of products and services:

  1. Adhesive (solid residue min 30%)
  2. Box board (0.6 mm)
  3. Core board (0.7 mm)
  4. Writing paper, format 840, density 65 gsm
  5. Label paper, format 840, density 65 gsm
  6. Offset paper, format 840, density 65 gsm
  7. Bag paper 78 gsm
  8. Heat shrink film (sheet, 25 ?m)
  9. Printing on web materials (web printing on paper having density 65 gsm)
  1. Self-adhesive labels, format A4. (105*148 mm, 105*74 mm, 105*42.4 mm, 70*37 mm)
  2. Trays 1200*80, 1200*1100.
  3. Cardboard for flat layers (liners) K-125
  4. Waste cloth (wiping cloth)
  5. Dehydrated isopropyl alcohol DIPA
  6. Ethyl acetate, grade A
  7. Corrugated boxes, type T22, T-23.
  8. Silicone coated paper B-65
  9. Silicone emulsion KE-10-01
  10. Silicone lubricant SI-M

If you are a Supplier/Manufacturer of the above products and services, please, send us your commercial proposals, specifying the subject and the contact person, at:

We are always willing and ready to look into proposals offering better conditions for the existing product range or discuss categories of products not included in our catalog.

Under its development program, Souzpack will be happy to cooperate with industrial companies operating in related sectors of economy.

We are ready to discuss mutually beneficial commercial proposals and projects your company would like to implement with our participation.

All the submitted proposals will be studied by our top managers, and, if they find them interesting, we will get in touch with you.

Please, send your commercial proposals, specifying the subject and the contact person, at: