Gloves represent hands protection from mechanical damages, dirt, punctures, low temperatures.

Gloves with the certain types of coatings allow you to more securely grip the items, compared with your bare hand. Cotton gloves are used in everyday life and during garden works.
To increase strength and durability, polyester is added to cotton yarn. To increase the grip security, different coatings are applied on the palmar part of the glove: PVC, latex, polyurethane, nitrile, etc. Most gloves have elastic cuffs, fixing the glove on the hand and preventing foreign objects from getting under the gloves.

Our company can supply gloves of any class of knitting and weight, from different yarns, with different coatings and types of coating.
The delivery time is 14 calendar days.

We propose to consider the option of gloves with your logo. When ordering more than 10 000 pairs, the price will not differ from the price for our standard positions.
The delivery time is 14-21 calendar days.