UNIBOB® packing tape with acrylic adhesive

Tapes, 48 mm and 50 mm wide, are standard and most commonly used for sealing corrugated boxes.
UNIBOB® adhesive packing tapes boast consistently high quality, a wide color range and are recommended for professional application in industry.
The tube diameter is 76 mm, thus making it a perfect match to standard manual packaging devices - dispensers.
Large-scale production may find it feasible to use packaging machines for sealing corrugated boxes.
Addressing the needs of this category of customers, we offer UNIBOB® adhesive tapes intended for operations on automatic packaging lines. The length per tube is 990 m. UNIBOB® adhesive tapes are absolutely compatible with hand-held packing tape guns offered by Souzpack to make packaging of your products impeccably reliable.

UNIBOB® adhesive packing tapes mean:

  • Conformity to all specified characteristics
  • High strength
  • Efficient performance in challenging conditions
  • Guaranteed quality and reliability of packaging

Base: BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene film).
Adhesive layer: water-based acrylic emulsion.
Standard size:
• Adhesive tape for manual packaging: 48/50/72 mm х 66/132 m х 40/43/45/47/50 µm;
• Adhesive tape for automated packaging: 48/50 mm х 990 m х 43/45/47/50 µm.
Items in box: 36/24/6

Recommendations for application of adhesive packing tape

UNIBOB® 400 (40 µm) – tapes are intended for domestic use or for sealing of corrugated boxes with products not exceeding 1-2 kg in weight.

UNIBOB® 500 (43 µm) – the strength and adhesiveness of tapes are sufficient for packaging of goods up to 4-5 kg, provided that the goods are stored at positive temperatures and low humidity.

UNIBOB® 600 (45 µm) – the adhesiveness of tapes is sufficient for packaging of goods up to 5 – 7 kg. The packaged goods can be stored in cold storage facilities.

UNIBOB® 700 (47 µm) – tapes having higher adhesiveness; they can be used in high-humidity environments with high dust content.

UNIBOB® 805 (50 µm) – tapes are used for packaging food products kept in freezers (ice cream, ready-to-cook foods). They are recommended for packaging boxes up to 15-25 kg as well as for goods intended for long-haul transportation.


UNIBOB® with synthetic rubber adhesive (Hot Melt)

Adhesive tape of this type indispensable when reliable packaging of corrugated boxes is required in industrial high-speed automatic lines.
High-performance of the equipment is complemented by high quality of packaging, with no risk of tape being torn or cardboard boxes being damaged.

  • High initial adhesion

Tapes with Hot Melt adhesive can be used in an indoor environment:

  • characterized by a high dust content;
  • high humidity (they are less sensitive to ambient humidity than tapes with acrylic adhesive);

• For manual and automated high-speed packaging of corrugated boxes
• In challenging ambient conditions
• Easy to unwind

Base: BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene film).
Adhesive layer: Hot Melt synthetic rubber.
Standard size:
• Adhesive tape for manual packaging: 48 mm х 66 m х 45/47 µm;
• Adhesive tape for automated packaging: 48 mm х 990 m х 45/47 µm.
Items in box: 36/6